Complimentary Webinar For Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders 

April 27th Tuesday - 7.30pm-9pm GMT

What action are you going to build your BUSINESS in 2021?

From this webinar, you will walk away with the framework and knowledge on how to:


#1 Learn from the best BUSINESSES IN THE WORLD

#2 Understand all key ELEMENTS to SYSTEMS THINKING

#3 How to APPLY IT to your BUSINESS

#BONUS: You will also receive SYSTEMS THINKING Workbook


Why Attend Systems Thinking THRVE TECHNIQUES?

Do you struggle to get the grips with all areas of your business?


To ensure that they are all aligned COMPLIMENTING each other and not CONTRADICTING!


This is the struggle I see everywhere in business. Lots of people are doing great things in their own job / function.

Unfortunately though, more often not that what something is happening in


  •  ⛔️ Marketing is CONTRADICTING sales
  •  ⛔️ Sales is CONTRADICTING service delivery
  •  ⛔️ Purchasing is CONTRADICTING operations
  •  ⛔️ Operations is CONTRADICTING demand requirements

This list could go on...


These problems are all the conseqeunce of a few root causes

  •  ⛔️ No standards in place
  •  ⛔️ Only focusing on your role and function


This lack of joined up thinking leads to systemic issues where all of a sudden 1 problem becomes 10


🛠This is something I learnt the hard way and leads to 🛠


  • ⛔️Inefficient and ineffective processes
  • ⛔️Poor customer outcomes
  • ⛔️Multiple areas of business COMPLETELY out of Sync


In essence

NOBODY WINS and everyone is frustrated, INCLUDING your CUSTOMERS


And what will be the HARDEST pill to swallow?


Figuring how do UNDO all the poor performing practices that have grown organically over time


For me, this left a scar!

Through my own journey I began to see the NECESSITY of building a systematic approach to Business Success


I really needed to understand what my business was doing, and more importantly HOW!

I needed to start PREDICTING success in all core areas of my business 


So every process / system COMPLEMENTED each other and not CONTRADICTED

This took time, but it was time well spent. 
I got deelpy embeded in every process in my business.. I knew exactly what was happening and how and it gave great comfort KNOWING I could deliver on my process to  my customers.

Over time, we were not just FUNCTIONALLY excellent, we became CROSSFUNCTIONALLY Excellent.!!

And that extended BEYOND THE 4 WALLS of our business


And over the proceeding 12 months, my business grew, and more importantly


     ✅The effectiveness on how we did things


     ✅EVERYONE benefited - Teams / Supplier & Customers




InFACT, it proved so good, it didn't need me anymore and I SOLD my share of the business


From this event you will walk away with the knowledge to


     ✅Build WINNING Systems


     ✅Ensure those process crossover points are always PERFORMING


     ✅Build a businss that eventually DOESN'T need you


I will be introducing you to MY SYSTEMS SUCCESS FORMULA. Once you put this into operation in YOUR Business you will 🚀SKY ROCKET🚀 your Business 🏆SUCCESS🏆


Wishing you the best of SUCCESS for your business and I look forward to support your Business Goals on APRIL 29th!

About Shay Lynch​

My name is Shay Lynch and I help companies generate more profits through systems thinking. I’m an author, recognised thought leader, listed in the top 50 most innovative companies, and I’ve been on multiple judging panels choosing the best companies in Ireland.


I’m an engineer by trade, building system is what I do. I'm a huge sports fan and always leverage systems thinking to systematically improve everything I do. And I've been lucky enough and honoured to represent my country.


My 1st business was in renewable energy. We were doing really well, until the global recession of 2008. What an introduction to business. It was then I learnt the power of systems thinking when applied to business.


Myself and my business partner turned that business around. I sold my share, now I teach companies the same skills I developed in my own business.


I've built a reputation on being honest and over delivering. I've helped large multinationals like - Boston Scientific / J&J / SanDisk and Indigenous financial institutions but nothing is more satisfying than helping small businesses succeed.


The thing is, I use the same formula, the only difference being application and scale. Through my own experiences and that of my clients, I know all the mistakes you should avoid. I constantly talk about these on my blog / through media like Business and Finance and it's humbling to know that I have a formula that can truly help.

  • Dublin, Ireland

  • slynch@futurestate.ie

  • (353) 087 664 6239 


Futurestate is a Leading Business Performance Advisory company that Accelerates YOUR Business SUCCESS!


They have become a leading advisory as they have a bespoke approach to business success and in May 2019 this system has been recognised at the Business Allstar Summit where Shay Lynch, director of Future State, won the coveted prize of Thought Leader of Year.

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