Monkey Business

The Proven Path to Profitable and Sustainable Growth

for Your Business

  • Systematically improve Sales performance

  • Systematically improve Operational performance

  • ​Understand the difference between VALUE activities and NON VALUE

    • Quit the Monkey Business so you ONLY focus on VALUE​
  • Scale your business without Scaling your Costs

  • Ensure your teams are your best assets and not your worst liabilities 

  • Build a WININNG Business based on WINNING Customers

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Topics Covered Include:

  • Build your Strategy

    House of Excellence so you can set sail on your business and continually improve

  • Learn how Rinse and

    Repeat the right activities, to get the right results for your customers

  • Leverage the POWER

    of Problem Solving to drive improvements throughout all areas of your business

  • WINNING Teams

    if you want a WINNING Business, you need WINNING Teams

  • Develop a Systematic

    approach to build a sales process that will deliver increased conversions

  • WINNING Customers 

    You can only build a WINNING business based on WINNING Customers – Learn the key strategies to build WINNING Customers in your business

Grateful Praise for Monkey Business

James O'Mahoney

Global Head of Talent & Learning at Edrington

Must Read for all Entrepreneurs

“I have worked with Shay on numerous occassions and his book is packed with all his methods he uses on projects with great success. He is giving you all the knowledge & experience to go do this yourself."

Kapil Khanna

Managing Director - AIBF 

Master Systems Thinking

“Shay is a master systems thinker and this book emulates what he does on the ground. Not only have I read this book, I have shared it with my tribe for them to use as their Business Bible for success. When you apply these methods the only outcome is success.”

John Quirke

Managing Partner SA Partners

Focused & Driven

“This book outlines in a step by step fashion how organisations need to focus and gain control of critical business systems. It all seems simple & straight forward but to applied correctly requires focus. A skill sadly lacking amongst many leaders. This book makes it simple .”


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The Proven Path to Profitable and Sustainable Growth

for Your Business.

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

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